How it works

nuts + bolts

Men, those who give a damn anyway, agree to write a $100 cheque once a quarter to a local charity.

That’s it. Zero to hero in under 60 minutes.



All of those cheques compound on each other; in less than 60 minutes well over $10 000 is directly injected into making the Annapolis Valley stronger. We call it surgical giving and the outcomes will be fantastic (just as they have been in other regions).


attend or friend

We meet once a quarter where we vote on which charity will receive each member’s cheque. If you can’t attend simply send the cheque with a friend or use one of the convenient drop-box locations.


under 60 minutes

Start the quarterly meeting with some heroic conversation, maybe visit the cash bar and be out the door in under 60 minutes. We’re all about giving smarter, not harder.


we don’t exist

We are a non-organization – no bank account, no fixed address, no opinion. Everything goes to the charity. 100%. Always.