100 Men Who Give A Damn! – Annapolis Valley is an all-volunteer group. We need:-

• Event Volunteers: to help make each quarterly meeting run smoothly;
• Core Team Volunteers: to help with the administration of the group between quarterly meetings.

If you’re interested in helping with any of the following positions, please contact us at info@100menannapolisvalley.ca.

Event Volunteers
• Registration – checks membership status upon arrival
• Greeter – welcoming members as they arrive
• Green room – assisting the presenting charities
• Ushers – assisting with registration and seating, collecting ballots & cheques
• Bean-counter – counting ballots & cheques, tabulating results
• Camera – taking photos at each meeting
• Video – recording video clips at each meeting
• Emcee – hosting meeting, stating rules, introducing charities, announcing recipient and presenting cheques
• Assistants – assisting where needed

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